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Are you facing uncertainty? Are you unable to see where the road ahead leads? How does that make you feel?

I’m in a place of uncertainty right now. Robert and I have decided to homeschool our five kids (again) next year. The last time I homeschooled, I would have sworn I’d never do it again. Yet… here we are – one day away from entering the last month the kids will attend school away from home.

The coming change is huge, and I’m not yet certain what ramifications will unfold.

  • I wonder if the kids will adjust quickly and easily.
  • I wonder if they’ll learn what they should.
  • I wonder if I’ll have to close Fabled Treasures.
  • I wonder if homeschooling will be as big of a nightmare for me as it was the last time.
  • I wonder if Robert and I will still find a way to go on dates and spend time together sans children.
  • I wonder if my mental health will break under the strain of not ever having any solitude.

I wonder and wonder and wonder.

Eventually I realize that I’m “borrowing trouble” and fretting about something that hasn’t yet happened and may never happen at all.

I’m wasting my now worrying about a later that may not even exist.

On this Monday, I’m choosing to be inspired by the first verse of an old hymn: Lead, Kindly Light.

Lead, kindly light, amid the encircling gloom,
lead thou me on;
the night is dark, and I am far from home;
lead thou me on.
Keep thou my feet; I do not ask to see
the distant scene; one step enough for me.

I don’t have to know what’s going to happen in September. I don’t have to know what’s going to happen next month, next week, or even tomorrow.

One step enough for me.

(Here’s a beautiful rendition of the hymn for your enjoyment.)

How do you fight against worry?

Please share your favorite coping strategies in the comments below. And as always, you’re welcome to grab the graphic for personal use.

Inspiring Monday 4-30-18

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

4 Comments so far:


    I have my worry and anxiety toolbox… I pray and listen to God.. I’m constantly checking in with God. I meditate which has really been helpful. Seriously meditation has changed my life. I have this rock that when I feel panic or worry coming on I hold in my hands, not because it has magical powers, but think of it as an all natural stress ball. I am currently working through a Workbook in Therapy called the The Anxiety and Worry Workbook. I use my aromatherapy especially inhalers when I feel anxious. Breathing, making lists. Having a great support group of family and friends!

    My point with all of this: Arm yourself with a toolbox that works for you, and understand what triggers your worry and what helps you shut it down.

    • Revka says:

      I’m so glad you shared your toolbox, Carole. Those are really helpful suggestions. I’m glad you have tools to cope.

  2. Hillary says:

    After everything that’s transpired the past few weeks – schools subjecting their students to vile sexual classes, complete with a sex box, instructions and a “toy.”
    And parents are not allowed to opt out. We’ll see how that goes.
    I do understand your quandary. I don’t have the temperament suited to homeschool. Trying to teach my oldest piano led to a private teacher.
    Maybe your husband could teach one “night class” that might provide a bit of a break!

    • Revka says:

      Gracie, I’m thankful that this time around I won’t be doing the teaching myself. We’re using a curriculum that has DVDs. I just have to help if they don’t understand something. And my girls will be 8th, 9th, and 10th graders so they can do more on their own than the last time I homeschooled. I won’t have a toddler to occupy during school, either. I hope those factors help a lot.