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Harriet Tubman North Star Necklace


“Her name deserves to be handed down to posterity, side by side with the names of Jeanne D’Arc, Grace Darling, and Florence Nightingale, for not one of these women, noble and brave as they were, has shown more courage, and power of endurance, in facing danger and death to relieve human suffering…”
-Sarah H. Bradford, Harriet – The Moses of Her People

Born a slave in 1822, Harriet Tubman didn’t find contentment in merely achieving her own freedom. Instead, she courageously “rescued about 70 people – family and friends – during approximately 13 trips.” [source] She and other people journeying the Underground Railroad used the North Star as their compass toward freedom. Statues of Harriet often include her walking stick.

Handcrafted from sterling silver and copper, the Harriet Tubman North Star necklace captures the spirit of this courageous woman and depicts her standing by a cabin, staff in hand, gazing at the North Star.

You may purchase just the pendant or complete the necklace with your choice of a sterling silver snake chain or handcrafted sterling silver and copper chain.

Because each necklace is handcrafted, yours may vary slightly from the one pictured. Necklaces are lovingly packaged in a handmade origami box. Packaging colors may not be as shown.

Made to order. Please allow 3-7 days for production.




Harriet Tubman North Star necklace

  • book pendant handcrafted from sterling silver copper
  • pendant approximately 1 1/4″ wide, 1″ tall, and 1/16″ thick
  • snake chain manufactured from sterling silver
  • handcrafted chain made from sterling silver and copper wire


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